End of Boston

I like Boston. Our flight is delayed today and it kept changing times.


I got a Minecraft sword today. I want to take a picture, but not right now. I’ll show it in the next post though. The next post I’ll post is called “The End”.

P.S. We are still in the airport right now. Our flight is at 9:40 pm. The time is 8:47 pm Boston time. In Missouri it is 7:47 pm.


Day Four and End of Day Four


That picture above is a balloon that I got from PAX and I try to balance it on the tips of my fingers.

Yesterday we found out that we won a Vita when we were leaving. We had to play a zombie game (it wasn’t scary) to win. There were raffle tickets that you wrote your name and address on. Today we went to pick it up. I got my picture taken in front of the zombie game logo.


We also played a game called Cupcakes vs. Critters. The bugs, when I swatted them with the fly swatter, their eyes popped out. You have to try to stop the roaches from eating the cupcake that fell on the floor.

Mom walked and got us a delicious dinner. I liked the garlic bread. I kept eating its middle out.


Beginning of Day Three


The windows are so foggy today! I can’t hardly see out of them.

Guess what? It’s the first day of PAX!



These are the PAX cards. We have to wear them when we are at PAX. They have special necklace stuff called lanyards that they give us for us to put on our cards to wear.


This is my bag. I use it for carrying my 3DS, Kindle, notepad and pen and pencil.

Mom is at a restaurant called Bean and Leaf. I am having the egg and bacon sandwich. Mom went and got it. We’re all having sandwiches.

End of Day Two

We went to the mall today. We took the subway. We had to take the blue line to Government Center then we got on the green line to Copley.

We looked for a place to eat. It was called 5 Napkin Burgers. Then we went shopping at the mall. We didn’t buy anything though.

I tonight learned how to talk underwater.

The end of day two.


The Aquarium

Today we went to the aquarium. We got to see manta rays. I bought a color changing pencil. I got two. One is green and changes to yellow. I have another one that is purple and it changes to pink.


I got a tiger manta ray too.


At the aquarium we saw a big fat sea lion. We saw one that was really funny. First, he was wriggling on a rock. Second, he floated upside down in the water. Third, he itched himself with his back foot.

End of the day

This afternoon I went to lunch at Boston Sails. I got fish and chips. I got to test clam chowder and I liked it. We walked in the cold for an hour to get to Mike’s Pastries. We walked back to the hotel, ate pastries. I got a watermelon marzipan. It was good and it actually tasted like one. P.S. I even did the green part and it tasted like the green part still.

For dinner I had a cup of clam chowder. Now it is time to go to bed. P.S. I also got in the tub. It was fun.

The end of day one.