Please fill out my My Little Pony survey

I created my first survey. Please take this survey so I can learn more about who likes My Little Pony.



I’m Adding a New Page

I’m adding a page called “Cat Information”. It will have information about cats you do know and cats you don’t know. Like cats you do know, like Grumpy Cat, Maru, and some you don’t know like my cats.

Look for this page coming soon.

The Cheese Egg Recipe

I am learning how to cook. I want to learn how to make deserts. I am learning how to make doughnuts. I already know how to make cheese eggs. Below is my Grandma’s recipe for Cheese Eggs.


Photo by John – licensed under Creative Commons

Cheese Eggs (Grandma’s Recipe)


3 eggs

a frying pan

Cheddar  cheese in cubes( doesn’t matter how much)


1. Spread the butter around the pan until melted.

2. Put the eggs in the pan and scrape the eggs with a spatula ( hard if you have to so you can get                  all the egg ) until cooked.

3. Put into a bowl and put cheese cubes on generously.

Kari’s Game in Tearaway


This is my character Atoi from Tearaway. Tearaway is a game made out of all paper. You try to get up to the sun to figure out why the scraps are coming into Tearaway. I like that you get to decorate your character. I like to beat up the scraps. The scraps are the things that are coming out of the sun and they are mean. They try to beat you up!

I play it on my PS Vita that me and my dad own. This picture came from Tearaway. In the game in the PS Vita you can get a picture by pressing the triangle button to take a picture in the game. You can buy different filters and stuff. Then you can get different pictures.

You can see all of our pictures from Tearaway from this link:

New Website Called

I might make a new website. It is going to have lots of stuff you can buy that is recycled. I will get a lot of stuff from goodwill and resale shops and places that sell old stuff and then paint the water bottles and redesign the clothes. People can by how many ever they want and we can make them in a week or stuff for a lot of clothes. If it’s just one thing it will take one day.

You can order up to 399 items per order. It will take about two months for that to come in.

I’ll be working on this new website over, I don’t know, maybe a year. I’ll let you more in the next update.


Pony Pictures

When I get bored I like to get all my “My Little Pony” coloring books and look at pictures of my little ponies and color them. My favorite ponies are Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, and Sweetie-Belle. I really like coloring them and I like giving them as presents to my cousins. I love doing the recipes in the coloring book.


That picture is Rainbow Dash Ice Cream. I love ice cream.


This is Scootaloo’s.


This is Swwtie-Belle’s recipe.


This Pinkie Pie’s. it is a pie.

I really like to color these ponies.


Exciting Week

We are going camping this weekend.


This is a picture of a tent. It is not ours though, we just found it on the Internet.

Also, on Thursday, it is the last day of school. I have an exciting present to give Ms. Parker, my teacher.

Ms Parker

At the camping trip we will roast marshmallows. Yummy!

I got into D-Team. It is competition dance team at DEDC that is my dance studio. You get to travel all around Missouri, like Nashville and stuff.

My mom found a bird nest when she was trimming a chicken wire. It was a robin nest. It has eggs in it too.


Funny Cat Stories & Book Videos

Every day Willy, my foster cat, when my alarm goes off he comes running up the stairs as fast as he can because he knows I’m getting up.

The End.

This is me reading “Tar Beach”. It’s my favorite book. I’ll bring my favorite books down into the living room, I’ll read them and then I’ll post them. Here’s the first one.


I can do This



I can roll my eyes up into my head.

The weekend before last we found this lost dog on the street. We took him home. First, we got Busch, our dog, and then we took the dog home. Then we took him up to Hope Animal Hospital to scan him for his microchip information. But they were closed.

So, we then took him up to Petco. We got his information and called his owners. We called him Buddy, but his real name was Porky. That means ‘fat’, but he was skinny (kind of).

We took him to his home, but on Sunday guess who came back? Porky. We called his owners and they were on his way to pick him up while we were on our way to the movies.


The End

Kari and Jackie Lounging

This is a picture of me and my Mom. My Minecraft sword is in this picture. We are in the Handheld Lounge at PAX. I LOVED PAX. It was AWESOME. My favorite thing about PAX is going around and collecting buttons and stuff. I was tired on the airplane.


Everyone was OMG about the PS Vita I won at PAX at a booth called Zombie Tycoon II Brainhov’s Revenge. We downloaded HUNDREDS of games. I have to share it with daddy. Thumbs down.


I got a prize today. It is a Littlest Pet Shop toy. It was prize day at school. I got a prize because I didn’t have to move my car/owl. It’s a bad thing if you have to move it to red. Orange is kind of bad, kind of good. Because you have to do a think sheet. A think sheet is where there is a sheet of paper you have to draw what you did and write what you will do next time. Yellow is just a warning.