The End

Kari and Jackie Lounging

This is a picture of me and my Mom. My Minecraft sword is in this picture. We are in the Handheld Lounge at PAX. I LOVED PAX. It was AWESOME. My favorite thing about PAX is going around and collecting buttons and stuff. I was tired on the airplane.


Everyone was OMG about the PS Vita I won at PAX at a booth called Zombie Tycoon II Brainhov’s Revenge. We downloaded HUNDREDS of games. I have to share it with daddy. Thumbs down.


I got a prize today. It is a Littlest Pet Shop toy. It was prize day at school. I got a prize because I didn’t have to move my car/owl. It’s a bad thing if you have to move it to red. Orange is kind of bad, kind of good. Because you have to do a think sheet. A think sheet is where there is a sheet of paper you have to draw what you did and write what you will do next time. Yellow is just a warning.


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