Funny Cat Stories & Book Videos

Every day Willy, my foster cat, when my alarm goes off he comes running up the stairs as fast as he can because he knows I’m getting up.

The End.

This is me reading “Tar Beach”. It’s my favorite book. I’ll bring my favorite books down into the living room, I’ll read them and then I’ll post them. Here’s the first one.



I can do This



I can roll my eyes up into my head.

The weekend before last we found this lost dog on the street. We took him home. First, we got Busch, our dog, and then we took the dog home. Then we took him up to Hope Animal Hospital to scan him for his microchip information. But they were closed.

So, we then took him up to Petco. We got his information and called his owners. We called him Buddy, but his real name was Porky. That means ‘fat’, but he was skinny (kind of).

We took him to his home, but on Sunday guess who came back? Porky. We called his owners and they were on his way to pick him up while we were on our way to the movies.


The End

Kari and Jackie Lounging

This is a picture of me and my Mom. My Minecraft sword is in this picture. We are in the Handheld Lounge at PAX. I LOVED PAX. It was AWESOME. My favorite thing about PAX is going around and collecting buttons and stuff. I was tired on the airplane.


Everyone was OMG about the PS Vita I won at PAX at a booth called Zombie Tycoon II Brainhov’s Revenge. We downloaded HUNDREDS of games. I have to share it with daddy. Thumbs down.


I got a prize today. It is a Littlest Pet Shop toy. It was prize day at school. I got a prize because I didn’t have to move my car/owl. It’s a bad thing if you have to move it to red. Orange is kind of bad, kind of good. Because you have to do a think sheet. A think sheet is where there is a sheet of paper you have to draw what you did and write what you will do next time. Yellow is just a warning.